Bakery Gourmet at El Palacio de Hierro: Adriana Matt’s Mexican Flavours

Palacio de Hierro - Unox Successful Stories

Every country has its department store par excellence: La Rinascente in Italy, Harrods in the UK, El Corte Inglés in Spain. In Mexico you can find El Palacio de Hierro, the largest department store chain in the country offering luxury clothing, furniture, jewelry, spas, travel agencies, electronics and especially top quality food.

The construction of the very first establishment of El Palacio de Hierro started in Mexico City in 1888 when the town had only two hundred thousand inhabitants. Nowadays the city has almost nine million. The store opened at the beginning of 1891 and it was originally called “J. Tron y Cia”.

New shops opened all over the country over the 20th century, including 19 stores all over Mexico,  most of them based in the capital city.

Other than luxury clothing and furniture, El Palacio de Hierro stands out also for high quality food. In fact, we can find a Bakery Gourmet Corner in every store. Bakery Gourmet is a must for all the shoppers at El Palacio de Hierro, as it offers the best of the Mexican bakery with a modern and international twist.

The restaurants are very carefully designed, as the main purpose of every Bakery Gourmet is to welcome the store’s customers in a special atmosphere, where they can experience top quality food in a place that is both trendy and cozy at the same time. Bakery Gourmet is the best place for having a relaxing break before, after or while shopping at El Palacio de Hierro.

The franchise celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2014, when Chef Adriana Matt invited all of the customers with the promise to satisfy everyone’s request at the best: “In order to better satisfy our customers’ taste, we invite them to visit the Gourmet Bakery Corners. We always do our best so they can have high quality food and the highest service standards, confirming our commitment in pursuing our traditions”.

Bakery Gourmet Chef Adriana Matt strongly commits to the philosophy of having a luxury relaxation in  a prestigious context. Thanks to UNOX, she can prepare her traditional recipes at El Palacio de Hierro every day. Adriana Matt uses a combination of two UNOX ovens, XBC615EG + XL415, which guarantee an effective cooking experience tailored to the requirements of a top chef like her.

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