Brighton’s zero-waste restaurant SILO and Chef Douglas McMaster

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SILO is a restaurant, patisserie and café in Brighton, England, which aims to provide quality through purity, adopting a more primitive diet with both modern and ancient techniques.

The story behind SILO Brighton: zero waste to find the purest pleasure

The idea behind ​​a restaurant like Silo was conceived from the desire to innovate the food industry whilst demonstrating respect: respect for the environment, respect for the way our food is grown, and respect for the nourishment given to our bodies.

SILO uses ingredients derived from the root, thus giving the opportunity for guests to try truly organic foods in their whole form. SILO also produces its own beer and other natural beverages in our brewery Old Tree, but that is not all. SILO currently produces butter and bread, as well as a number of other homegrown ingredients. All products supplied to the restaurant are made locally and are delivered in reusable containers, therefore nothing is actually wasted.

The “zero waste” philosophy also pervades the restaurant decor: all the furniture and fittings are created from a desire to reuse. Thus, the plates were formed from plastic bags and the tables made from industrial floor tiles. But the functional design is also used in the utensils that the customers use. That is the reason why the glasses provided to customers are jam jars, as good a way as any to save something that would inevitably be thrown away.

That is not all: the restaurant is decorated with a display of discarded tools from local companies and there is a composting machine called “Big Berther” where the food scraps are thrown and rich compost is created, which is then traded to the local businesses that provide produce to the restaurant.

SILO according to Chef Douglas McMaster

The best way to describe SILO comes from the Chef, Douglas McMaster: “At SILO we believe in food purity, relying on natural farming systems to determine what we cook and how we cook. We have a broad network of ethical farmers, growers, waste management groups, tea merchants, beans to bar cacao producers, coffee roasters all working together without waste.

In our journey to achieve zero waste we discovered primitive food systems that not only support our package-free lifestyle but has led to a way of preparing food from its whole form. We mill our own flour, use raw milk, make butter and cheese and ultimately aim to create a far more delicious end product which is as nutritious as it is tasty.

Silo - Chef Douglas McMaster

Douglas McMaster, an eco-entrepreneurial mind

Douglas McMaster is the Head Chef of SILO. He became a chef because of his love for the environment of the kitchen, which started during his childhood. After leaving school he started working in the restaurant of a hotel in a small English town and for the past 12 years has been working in professional kitchens.

Chef Douglas pays a lot of attention to the environment. The Unox ovens are produced using solar energy, therefore he was very excited by them and this is one of the reasons why he chose them. According to Douglas McMaster the most useful functions of the oven are the accurate and rapid injection of steam and uniformity of the baking. The food he prefers to cook in the UNOX ovens is bread. With two ChefTop XVC305EP ovens the Chef manages to enhance the quality of the ingredients at his disposal to provide a satisfactory product.

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