Broken and Henrik Witte: American food in North Sweden

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Broken, located in the heart of Northern Sweden is not just a regular restaurant. It is an American Bar & Grill next to Åre’s ski station, a popular destination for winter sports in the Jämtland county, where everything revolves around ski tourism. In 2007 the  Alpine World Ski Championships were hosted here.

The first Broken restaurant was opened in Åre Torg. During its years of operations it turned into a very popular restaurant for both locals as well as first-time and returning visitors.

Following the great success of the ski resort location, Chef Henrik Witte decided to open a second restaurant in the center of Stockholm, featuring a casual vibe and serving fresh American food with a twist.

Locals and tourists visit Broken to try the “jazz” lunch, taste a rustic meal or sip a refreshing cocktail at the bar.

Broken is simply the best place to meet up and share a great time with friends and family thanks to its menu designed for those with a big appetite but also those with a more sophisticated palate. The menu has an authentic American touch, ranging from hamburgers to pork ribs, from margaritas to ice-cold beer, having the aim to offer a relaxed atmosphere to customers.

It is not just a restaurant, but also a bar and a take-away, so that everyone’s needs and desires can be fulfilled.

In 2013 Broken won first prize in the “Taste Stockholm” contest, which is a 5-day festival bringing together the most renowned producers and restaurateurs in Sweden. The event takes place in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm in the beginning of June and aims to celebrate the best of the Swedish gastronomy.

Due to the wide and varied offer that Broken Restaurant proposes to its customers, Chef Henrik Witte has chosen to use the UNOX combi oven XVC505EP. He claims that this cooking system is able to satisfy his needs of versatility thanks to the possibility of cooking a wide range of food products through different cooking methods.

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