Chef Christopher Thé challenges time


 What is the taste of success?

There is no single recipe to get it.

Each of us discovers it through attempts, mistakes and small and big victories.

The formula for success is made of patience, endurance and creativity.

It is a tiring and fulfilling journey, because the endeavor is greater and the joy is more intense once you reach the finish line.

La strada per diventare esperti Chef è in salita

La strada per diventare esperti Chef è in salita

Managing time

Chef Christopher Thé has made huge sacrifices to gain success and has competed against an relentless opponent: time.

Time is money, affection and life.

Time is never enough, we would like more and more of it.

You cannot escape its flow, but you can learn to understand it and make it a valuable ally. Because the time we have available is all we have and it must be used properly.

Christopher quickly understood it: making the best use of his time was the key to his ideal of success.

An ideal of professional gratification, but also of moments to spend with his large and close-knit family, enjoying time spent with the most important people.

“I thought about giving up many times, but I have always persevered

Christopher Thé sfida il tempo

Christopher Thé sfida il tempo

Learning From Difficulties

During the early years you learn the basics of a craft quickly and get acquainted with your skills. Once past this phase, time becomes an antagonist.

Christopher was spending even 20 straight hours in kitchens, working tirelessly to get the best out of his culinary intuitions and to constantly improve.

But learning a trade is just the first step to becoming an expert, and many more years are needed to be successful. Many throw in the towel in the face of difficulties trying to reach the top, but others overcome them.

Experience helps Christopher to realize that it’s no longer time the era of working long and hard, but to do it intelligently by optimizing the time and resources available and trusting other people.

Trusted people and impeccable ovens are at the heart of his business and they are helping him to realize his dream.

 “Being passionate does not mean having automatic success

Christopher Thé in cucina

Christopher Thé in cucina

The Taste of Success: Success Backgrounds

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Will, values, dreams and obstacles have accompanied the Chefs on their path of growth.

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Do you want to know what Christopher did to to achieve his ideal of success?

Watch him at work and listen to him speak from the heart about his “Taste of Success”.