Chiara Franzolin | Director of Operations

copertina chiara

Name: Chiara
Surname: Franzolin
Role: Director of Operations

Who is Chiara outside the company?
I attended a sciences high school, then pursued a degree in engineering management. One of my greatest passions has undoubtedly been water polo, a sport that I practiced at a competitive level until my second year of university. I love photography and traveling, but for now, since I have two small daughters, I have momentarily put these passions on stand-by.

Who is Chiara within the company?
I am Director of Operations. What does it mean? It means coordinating the process that begins with the receipt of sales orders and ends with the shipment of the product to the end customer. The daily challenge is to always have a satisfied customer: the company must be able to adapt to their needs in every respect. The customer must get the product they want, when they want it, exactly how and where they want it.

What does UNOX represent for Chiara at present?
I work at UNOX every day to show that all our ideas are feasible and achievable. The ability to prove to everyone that “want is power.”

An important value of UNOX?
Every day we pursue “perfectibility”: we seek perfection in everything we do. We question things that actually work really well in order to make them even better.

Future perspectives / ideas / inspirations to keep the company going?
The mission is to create a ‘diamond’ company, one that is able to shine on its own and become a reference point for the market. We are already at a good level, but we have lots of ideas to develop in the coming years to achieve perfection as we conceive it.

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