Da Unox a VeNetWork: continua il sostegno a imprese e territorio

Enrico Franzolin, Unox Founder
Enrico Franzolin, Unox Founder

Between garage businesses and startups: business dreams of yesterday and today

Spreading business culture and enhancing the resources available in the territory. These are the cardinal points that led Enrico Franzolin, founder of Unox in 1990, to convey his experience in VeNetWork, a company that plays an important role as an accelerator of business ideas in the Veneto region.

Until I was 36, I had been the manager for various companies, then prevailed my ambition to realize, personally, something I had in mind: a different product, something that, when I looked around, did not exist“.

Enrico Franzolin’s words describe the path that led him to found Unox in 1990. Back then the term “startup” was not yet in vogue to describe the emerging entrepreneurial ventures. When all started from small just organizing resources, capital and labor, it was simply defined “garage business“.

This term evokes the legendary examples of entrepreneurial success worldwide. Just think about the now legendary beginning of Steve Jobs with Apple, which got its start in a simple garage, and later became the famous empire that Apple is today.

Experience, resources and knowledge to activate the territory

“One of the things that I like is to surround myself with talented people. People who can innovate, think differently, break the rules, and find a new challenge every day.”

Enrico Franzolin wanted to include this philosophy in the evolution of Unox and intends to support it through the VeNetWork challenge. It was the meeting with Alberto Baban, president of VeNetWork, to lay the foundation for this new adventure. The shared vision of the “open concept of entrepreneurship” is the common thread behind the initiative.

“What unites us is the open concept of entrepreneurship and the desire to set in motion positive relationships. Because I am convinced that if a company works well, it is certainly thanks to the entrepreneur’s skill, but also to everything that is there around it: the territory  with opportunities, skills and relationships that it offers.”

A company grows and is fine if it reflects its progress on the community and the country involving public, private, and citizens. When a company creates the conditions for realizing new ideas, projects and stimulates the creation of jobs, its contribution in the territory becomes virtuous and fundamental.

The company that appeals to Enrico Franzolin, is a company that increases its skills, broaden its market and develops actively involving people, putting them at the center of its work.

Le idee imprenditoriali del territorio meritano di essere concretizzate.

Le idee imprenditoriali del territorio meritano di essere concretizzate.

VeNetWork: incentive and support to business ideas of the Veneto region

VeNetWork Spa is a company with private capital that acts as an accelerator of productive and financial opportunities. It brings together 56 entrepreneurs from Veneto who run a total of 200 companies, giving employment to 4,000 employees and which are present in over 90 countries worldwide.

Enrico Franzolin has clear ideas: “The world is full of ideas, but then you have to bring them to life. That is to grow that connective tissue made up of institutions, businesses, individuals, that help to make a nice idea something important and, above all, practical.

The purpose of VeNetWork is to help businesses grow by promoting business culture, financing and facilitating the development of new manufacturing and service activities that generate added value. The kind of economic, professional and cultural added value that has positive implications by stimulating employment and the community’s entrepreneurship.

The combination of multiple skills and experiences is the flagship of VeNetWork that is fortunate enough to bring together entrepreneurs who have been working for years in various sectors. Their valuable know-how is at the service of every new entrepreneurial ventures in the Veneto.