El Pasaje restaurant: quality and imagination in the beautiful city of Murcia

La storia del ristorante El Pasaje, eccellenza di Murcia
La storia del ristorante El Pasaje, eccellenza di Murcia

Often a big success is born from a big dream. For El Pasaje restaurant in Murcia, the dream is that of three young entrepreneurs who in 2010 decided to invest energy, time and resources in an ambitious project. Overcoming many obstacle, and challenging the tough economic crisis, the three young people chose to propose a new formula in the monopolized sector of Murcia’s food industry.

Within a very short time El Pasaje gained great popularity and became one of the best places to savor the famous Spanish tapas, made with the finest raw ingredients and presented with an attention and care for detail that is out of the ordinary.

Quality local products and original and tasty tapas

The restaurant enjoys a strategic position: it is located in the Plaza de San Pedro, near the Gran Via and the emblematic Plaza de las Flores, in the most lively and important gastronomic area of Murcia. Dishes are served at the counter, but inside there is a small, dedicated dining room. The waiters’ precious and wise advice cordially guides those at the counter, suggesting the best dishes to try. The designated dining area, on the other hand, allows you to devote yourself to the meals while enjoying the most tranquility.

El Pasaje specializes in traditional Mediterranean cuisine and exalts the excellent quality of local products, making room for innovative brush strokes of flavor. It is artistic cuisine, with the clever combination of ingredients and an enviable cooking, which makes the dishes so tasty and special. The menu is really large and offers a wide choice: the best seafood and every kind of fish are not lacking, alternating with meat specialties.

Above all, the variety of tapas is surprising: appetizers of every kind allow chefs to indulge in unusual and delicious combinations. El Pasaje’s fame has been built on the goodness of these tapas. Local products used, with respect to Spanish tradition, are one of the secrets of this big hit. And there will always be great wine on the substantial list that is ready to do justice to your palate.

The Chef: Manolo Castro Saez

Manolo Castro Saez is recognized as a true genius of tapas. His imagination in the preparation of these tasty delicacies is just the crowning of a life dedicated to tourism and food service.  He has been studying in the field of tourism since he was young, specializing over the years thanks to numerous specific courses.

He has been working for more than 30 years in the most famous and well-known restaurants in the region and since 2013 has been carrying on his professional career by lighting up El Pasaje’s cuisine. He qualified as a finalist at the National Pinchos and Tapas Competition in Valladolid, Spain’s most prestigious competition.

Here are some of the most important awards won by Chef Manolo Castro Saez:

– Four time finalist in the National Pinchos and Tapas Competition of the City of Valladolid (2009,            2010, 2013, 2014)

-Finalist in the 2014 Spanish Championship of Gourmet Tapas in Madrid

-Winner of the Low Cost Cooking Competition in Valencia, Canet d’En Berenguer

-Finalist of many congresses and gastronomic events at the regional level

The oven used by the Chef

Cervezeria El Pasaje has chosen the CHEFTOP XVC305EP oven. An intelligent oven with digital interface, able to guarantee perfect cooking for every single dish. The right technological support for cuisine that is innovative and at the forefront, which daily satisfies everyone who passes through or visits the city of Murcia and wants to indulge in an unforgettable moment of taste.