From IT consulting to fusion cuisine: the story of chef Quirke and his Pickles

Pickles e UNOX

In Nantes old town, the French jewel city of Brittany and capital of the Ancient Loire area, there is a restaurant where the concept of fusion is expressed starting from the location, bucolic and refined at the same time.

It is the Pickles, a néo-bistro with a cuisine that combines the tradition of the ingredients from the surrounding territory and countryside with the innovation of the most refined tastes from Italy, Asia, North Africa and UK.

Chef Dominic Quirke is the owner and guide of the Pickles, an emblematic figure with a past of 14 years lived between London and Paris as an IT industry consultant, a time in which the passion for cooking has never stopped growing until its explosion, with the decision of learning how to develop a personal style and achieve the goal of opening his own restaurant.

The Pickles is able to accommodate 40 guests, offering the best of local products, both meat and fish, cooked following the French culinary tradition enriched with flavors and textures from abroad. As chef Quirke himself said: “My trips to Asia, my Britannic origin, the experience gained in 6 years between ovens and cookers, helped me to create a fusion cuisine, refined and precise, always looking for the highest exaltation of flavors preserving the real local origin of the ingredients”.

Before opening the Pickles, Dominic Quirke had the opportunity to work for different famous and talented chef, from Jerome Banctel and Gilles Choukroun to Inaki Aizpitarte, from Laurent Philippe to Audiot Cocardon. However, his road to success began in Newcastle, where he worked as a chef’s assistant to pay for his studies for six years.

Honoring his experience next to the biggest names in international cuisine, chef Quirke chose Unox ovens to ensure the highest quality to his customers at Pickles, serving punctual and impeccable cooked dishes.