Gary Nunn – General Manager UNOX UK

Gary Nunn, general Manager UNOX UK

Name: Gary
Surname: Nunn
Role: General Manager UNOX UK

Who is Gary outside the company?

I work a lot, since I like my job. Outside of the company I like to travel, do photography, and enjoy the great outdoors, I find these activities very relaxing. My favorite country is Canada and I appreciate its beautiful scenery. I lived in Thailand for a year and a quarter and I really enjoyed this experience as well.

Who is Gary within the company?

I manage the company in Great Britain, in particular I am accountable for the people who are dedicated to the relationship with the customer and the sales team. My personal task consists in taking charge of all the financial issues. In general, my role is to make sure that the people in my team achieve their objectives and carry out their work in the best way possible.

What does UNOX represent for Gary at the present?

UNOX is an opportunity to meet interesting people within the workplace. Hopefully, it provides our people with a happy standard living and a better way to enjoy life.

An important value of UNOX?

I think honesty is an important value. And I think also forward-thinking is.

Future perspectives / ideas / inspirations to keep the company going?

I suggest UNOX stays at the forefront and continues running the business on a worldwide scale. UNOX already represents a wide range of cultures. In order to rise to future challenges the company should increase even more its inclination to international business and establish its role in the global market.