Interview to Nicola Cagol, Key Account Manager Unox Italy

Nicola Cagol Unox People

Name: Nicola

Surname: Cagol

Role: Key Account Manager Italy


Who is Nicola outside the company?

I live with my girlfriend but I’m not married. My passions are relevant to my  work, namely food, wine, and gastronomic culture. Furthermore, I like to discover the beauty and diversity of Italy. Therefore, I enjoy travelling with the purpose to try local products and and meet producers of niche wines.The region I prefer the most for its mix of food, wine, and scenery is Tuscany, where there is so much to choose from. All in all, Italy is full of beautiful places.

Who is Nicola within the company?

I meet key account customers of the large structured chains or organizations, where those who buy the ovens are not the one who use them. My role is to provide support according to the different requests that can come from different establishments during the initial stages, from the moment in which the oven is installed, ranging from the  maintenance department to the category managers. Therefore, I communicate with a wide range of professionals and with many active customers. Simultaneously I try to find new opportunities for the company. My working day is actually pretty standard, meaning keeping appointments with prospects or customers. The majority of my time is spent outside the company, mostly around Italy.

What does UNOX represent for Nicola right now?

UNOX is not just the company I work for, but the company I believe in, mainly for the dynamism and flexibility that it has. It is very quick to respond proactively to the market. UNOX is a promoter of change.

Important values for UNOX?

For me UNOX is a company that has the ambition to become a leaderand bring something innovative and original to the market.

Perspectives/ideas/future inspirations to experience with the company?

There are so many ideas flowing in UNOX. From time to time my work requires me to compare myself with other people to see if it can bring benefits. The nice thing about UNOX is that when an employee has an idea, he/she can bring it in for a conversation and it will be evaluated. From this point of view UNOX is very active in making improvements. In addition to innovation, UNOX also knows how to respond quickly to market needs.

In general, everything can and should be improved. The company plan is already set and we must continue in that direction.