Matteo Ravagnan – Director of Customer Experience

Matteo Ravagnan Unox

Name: Matteo

Surname: Ravagnan

Role: Director of Customer Experience Western Europe and European Key Account

Who is Matteo outside the company?

 I am 35-years old with a passion for the sea, especially for sailing. In the winter, I love skiing and snowboarding. I always bring a pair of trainers and my shorts when I travel around Spain and Europe. I am a runner and I try to train at least three or four times a week for 50 km at least. I am not married, but I live with my partner. I love travelling and  visiting different cities in Europe when I have a weekend off. Most of the times I travel during Christmas and summer holidays when I can plan travels around the world in order to get to know new places. I really enjoyed visiting Istanbul and San Francisco but my favourite city is Madrid.

Who is Matteo within the company?

I am the Sales Manager for Spain where UNOX has a branch to better follow up on the territory. I am in Spain during all week, travelling all around the country. I manage a team of four active marketing chefs and I attend exhibitions and appointments with them.

What does UNOX represent for Matteo at the present?

UNOX is a company giving its employees the chance to constantly undertake new challenges, which allow you to grow professionally. It’s a company which gives you such a strong feeling of belonging, making you say “I’m proud to be a UNOX guy”. It gives you the chance to join a team and a company where daily challenges are always engaging.

An important value of UNOX?

The most important value of UNOX is definitely innovation of its products and the implementation of production and customer-centric processes.

UNOX has an amazing attitude when it comes to dealing with customers, we carefully listen to their needs in order to find the best solution. We are good at understanding what our market needs.

Future perspectives / ideas / inspirations to keep the company going?

A mid-term goal we have is to actually be perceived as an equivalent option to the market leader in the food market. UNOX aims to reposition itself and to be perceived as an equally good product, as when it comes to choose between Nikon and Canon – all of the others come second.

And we can achieve this goal by working everyday as we are already doing.

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