Paolo Munari, Director of Customer Experience Middle East, Scandinavia and Eastern Africa

Paolo Munari UNOX People

Name: Paolo

Surname: Munari

Position: Director of Customer Experience – Middle East, Scandinavia and Eastern Africa.

Who is Paolo outside the company?

I like to run and I have a passion for motorsports, both Formula One and Moto GP.

Who is Paolo within the company?

I am the Middle East Area Manager, based in Dubai, and I mentor two colleagues in Scandinavia and one in South Africa. My role involves a lot of travel. Being based in the Middle East and having people to manage in South Africa and Scandinavia, I am always on the move. I also have the task of opening new markets in the Middle East region, such as Iran and India. My job is then to inform people about UNOX in these new markets, which represent excellent opportunities for expansion.

It is a very demanding job because I have to deal with very different cultures and religions, so I have to adapt to each situation I face. In Scandinavia they are organized and have a very open mentality; in Dubai I deal with educated people with good understanding. It can often be difficult to convey the sense of UNOX, so I am also a bit of a cultural mediator. I learned not to judge people and to respect everyone for their customs.

What does UNOX represent for Paolo right now?

To be honest, UNOX is a passion for me. It is also a chance to grow, both personally and professionally. Thanks to UNOX I have met so many people and had so many great experiences since I started in 2008

What is the most important value for UNOX?

UNOX is based on passion and the desire to continuously improve.

Perspectives / ideas / suggestions for UNOX in the near future?

As we are not yet number one, we always have a goal to reach: so we have to continue to raise the bar.