Poke: Raw Tuna that will replace Sushi


Following the sushi movement, the raw fish trend is getting more and more popular. It’s a truly global success showing no signs of slowing down. A good example of this is a Hawaiian Recipe a lot of people are getting passionate about, which has entered the menus of many restaurants all over the world – POKE.

It’s pronounced “poh-kay” and it is a fresh tuna tartare salad, tasty and spiced, with soy sauce, sesame, chives, seaweeds (Limu red seaweed in particular), avocado, lime, chili and roe.

The number of possible combinations for this recipe is undefined, as it’s highly customizable and other ingredients can be added according to personal taste. The important thing is the way tuna is cut: the Hawaiian word “Poke” refers to the act of cutting and slicing. The size and the way this valuable fish cubes are arranged is the foundation of the whole recipe.

This is a really old Hawaiian recipe and it represents the antique eating ritual combining everything the reef has to offer – not only tuna but also other varieties of seafood, including octopus, mixed with other traditional flavors.

Healthy, highly customizable and overall beautiful – these are the characteristics making this trend likely to quickly take the place of sushi in its followers’ hearts. In New York and London this trend has definitely taken on already, as Poke is available not only for takeaways but also as an option offered for catering, as caterers can already satisfy the increasing demand for it.

Getting lost in the Hawaiian atmosphere, inebriated by the flavours of the Pacific, we can’t do anything else but to savour this small antique treat, which origins are distant in time but whose flavour is definitely contemporary.