Ryan Clift: I Cook, Therefore I Am


 “Now I have a purpose.”

That’s what Chef Ryan Clift thought when he was just a kid.

Work shapes us every day, engaging our time and our energies. But it is also a preferred tool for (re)finding oneself. You do not think about this when you are thirteen and have a difficult temperament. You think you need a job to survive, it’s a matter of livelihood.

Yet fate, sometimes, has plans in store for us that we would never have imagined.

Sometimes a gesture accomplished or received at the right time is enough to mark the line between an old life and a new one. A line loaded with mystery and expectations that throw the present for a curve.


Lo Chef Ryan Clift

Lo Chef Ryan Clift

Destiny’s sign

Ryan Clift started from the bottom.

He got to know restaurants via bubbles and sponges, in the backrooms, as a very young dishwasher. It is a matter of adapting: do you need money? You have to find a job. So Ryan took the chance and got his hands dirty. Without complaining, he seized the opportunity offered to him and immediately assumed his new role.

In addition to hard work, chance or destiny decided to give him a little push.

After a while, an opportunity opened up for Ryan that has the immaculate color of a Chef’s shirt, the scent of seasonings cooking and the flavor of a sublime dish. It is the revealing moment, it is the moment that changes an entire existence and marks the beginning of a new fascinating chapter, a world to explore.

There was nothing but certainty for him starting from that very moment: “Now I have a purpose.”

“If I hadn’t found cooking, I don’t know where I’d be now”

Scienza & Tecnologia: il segreto di Clift

Scienza & Tecnologia: il segreto di Clift

Technology is the secret

It was the beginning of a glowing career.

Now Ryan Clift is one of the most popular Chefs in the world. His secret lies in the vision he has for the kitchen: a laboratory where he can experiment, dare and above all learn. To make dishes with an innovative taste and look, Ryan has a special place where he practices and deepens his knowledge.

Every chef chooses his own way to achieve satisfaction and success and he has chosen the path of knowledge. A knowledge of chemical bonds, temperatures and interactions between different compounds. All in the service of the palate, sight, and smell.

By savoring his dishes, he goes on a journey that touches the main senses and envelops them in invisible rules, which work together in order to enhance the pleasure of eating, a universal and indispensable pleasure. When a man finds a true vocation, there is really no insurmountable difficulty or obstacle. At that moment there is only space for genius, which unceasingly reveals itself from one dish to the next.


“Technology is the key to my creativity”

Ricette eterne, sapori unici

Ricette eterne, sapori unici

The Taste of Success


The Taste of Success is the format that shows the adventures of brave Chefs from all over the world who have realized their dreams. Men who have transformed important challenges into opportunities.

Will, values, dreams and obstacles have accompanied the Chefs on their path of growth.

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