Salvatore Petrucci – Country Manager Russia, Baltic and CIS Countries


Name: Salvatore
Surname: Petrucci
Role: Country Manager Russia, Baltic and CIS Countries

Who is Salvatore outside the company?

It is really difficult for me to define the boundaries between business and private life. My personal and family history is closely linked to the company, therefore UNOX is always inevitably mentioned. The relationships with our customers are extremely personal, so even during events outside the work we always end upon the subject. And I`m proud of this!

I like music, reading essays and biographies, I love nature in all its forms and I love to meet people with different customs and habits.

Who is Salvatore within the company?

My efforts and my beliefs are to put the company and the people, both collaborators and customers, in the condition to free their potential, in order to maximize their performance in the service of the mission assumed.

What is UNOX for Salvatore in the present moment?

For me UNOX is passion, skill, determination and continuous stimulation. But UNOX has a lot of values, such as focus to achieve results, coherence and inflexibility in conveying the organization`s beliefs, its transparency and organization.

An important value of UNOX?

An important value for UNOX is to never stop improving. But the most important value I think is its ethics applied to business.

Perspectives/ideas/inspirations to experience in the company?

I want to encourage my small but hard-working team, motivate it and make it a winning team, because I am the example that dreams come true if you are involved in the activity and transmit it to the people who believe in it.

A neglected component considered as incompatible with a serious and rigorous approach, is to know how to introduce an element of fun and passion which helps to build the team and increase the commitment, involvement and sense of belonging.

Generally, I see a company in continuous evolution, which leads me to repeat my refrain, now more than ever: no mistakes are allowed!