Summer internships for university and high school students in Unox

sede UNOX

Summer should be the time to relax away from the workplace. Not for Unox. The enterprise based in northern Italy gave the opportunity to university and high school students to be placed into internships lasting from two to six months.

Overall 39 students attended the internship program by Unox: 27 graduating students from University of Padua, 5 high school students and 7 students in school-work alternation (five from Newton Institute in Camposampiero, and two from Marconi Technical Institute in Padua).

Unox has a tradition of keeping its doors open to students all year long, however in the summer broader there is a broader availability due to the pause from the classes. Ilaria Agosta, Unox Human Resources Manager, says “Among our relationship with the University of Padua and with the nearby high schools, one of the top programs is the internship program, targeted at graduated and graduating students. Our goal is to give young people the chance to complete their study path with concrete work experiences, so they can develop skills that they can later apply in their work life.

Unox proves that bringing together the school and work environments can build a lasting relationship between local enterprises and training institutes. Agosta adds: “Testifying how much Unox believes in developing strong relationships with students, many of our intern workers have previously attended our events (such as Unox Hackaton and Orienteering Night) in partnership with the University of Padua.

In fact, younger people will soon create value with the acquired skills: that is why they are a great asset for Unox and for other local enterprises. It is important, though, that internships aren’t made for their own sake.

We want to help young people to better understand the work environment, by giving them the chance to commit themselves and their spare time to an activity that will make them competent” says Nicola Michelon, CEO at Unox. “In order to do this, work experiences need to be relevant and useful to the business as well: every manager fully dedicates him/herself to the assigned intern students, in order to create value for the enterprise and for themselves. It is forbidden to assign irrelevant tasks to interns: they are a valuable resource and a generator of new ideas, which is vital for Unox. Through our agreements with the University of Padua and the Technical Institutes, we are fulfilling our vision, which is to create an elite of young people who will represent a huge asset for Unox or for enterprises of the area.”

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