The latest fashion of themed restaurants: the toilet



Who would have thought that a locale would be able to cross two diametrically opposite spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen?

Well, even if we could never have imagined it – and maybe some of us do not even want it – this pair is already a reality: the first bathroom themed restaurants have officially been born (for now only in Asian countries).

They are very  normal places to enjoy burgers, ice cream, smoothies, and, above all, typical local dishes, with the peculiarity that the atmosphere, the decor and even the cutlery and the dishes are bathroom “themed”. Even some dishes are inspired by the activities that usually take place in toilets. Toilets, bidets, pastel colored mats, various pipes and toilet brushes become the predominant aesthetic inventory during the meal.



It is an oddity that strikes a chord, but arouses curiosity at the same time, especially for the customers who have to deal with very good dishes served in unconventional environments. It is a real challenge, especially because the mind influences tastes and flavors more than we imagine.

You can find many examples of these restaurants online, scattered around the major Asian metropolises.

The most famous are Taipei’s Modern Toilet and Shanghai’s More Than Toilet, and this particular fashion seems to be spreading rapidly in China, Japan and Korea.

Mascot and symbol of all the bathroom theme restaurants, as you can imagine, is the same famous mascot of the Japanese cartoon “Dr. Slump & Arale”, used for furnishings and of course for presenting sweets and sauces.

In short, if we thought we had seen it all, here is the ready retraction. A retraction dedicated to those who think the toilet is always and only “down the hall and to the right”.

Inusuali ristorante a tema Bagno

Inusuali portate…al ristorante a tema Bagno