The mille-feuille cake of Despina Roullia – a pastry chef with simple and innovative ideas


A dream called mille-feuille cake. The mille-feuille of Despina Roullia, a Greek pastry chef , with a taste for simple yet innovative ideas.

Nikos and Despina Roullia began their adventure in the eighties in the center of Nea Erythrea in the exclusive northern outskirts of Athens. Coming from a major Greek confectionery tradition where the surname “Roullia” identified cookies  from a pastry shop of the same name from the previous decade, the young couple decided to use the name Despina for the new bakery which opened in 1987.

Despina’s adventure started even before in the country of Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), where the Roullias produced and sold the “Roullia” cookies. Soon the cookies and mille-feuille cake were among the products beloved by all, both Greeks and Africans. The Roullia fame allowed the shop to stay in business for over 15 years, after which the Despina family decided to go back to their origins and move back to Greece in 1987.

Athens was still a city in the developing world thirty years ago, which was slowly rising again from the grief of the Second World War, but had all the credentials to become one of the European capitals of the gourmet pastry chefs.

The opening of the bakery in Athens’ most strategic district was an immediate success: Despina Roullia made the mille-feuille cake its signature dish, and with expansionist aims it was already planning to open more stores in the Greek capital.

Today the reins of the Despina patisserie have been passed to the younger generation of the Roullia family. The three children, Giorgos, Tetta, and Lucas have continued their mother’s initial plan by opening a chain of pastry shops in strategic locations in Athens and also providing high quality catering services.

Today, Despina bakery offers a wide range of delicacies. In addition to the famous creamy mille-feuille cake, they also offer chocolate mille-feuille, Gianduia mille-feuille, and strawberry mille-feuille. But it doesn’t stop there: the Despina specialties continue with Mont Blanc, Creme Brulee, Black Forrest and Noisette cakes, and not forgetting to mention  the typical Greek dessert Ekmek.

The crispiness of the dough baked just right, the perfect fragrance of pastry and the soft crumbliness of the most delicate desserts: these are the elements that every pastry chef holds as essential. An intelligent oven must be able to meet the needs of a pastry chef who is ambitious, creative, and open to a lot of experimentation. The Despina Bakery, thanks to  the combination of Unox XBC805E and XL415 ovens, can guarantee the highest level of quality of food preparation due to the optimization of baking performance.

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