UNOX guest at FABBRICA 2.4 on Radio 24


Unox rhymes with invention and innovation. This is what emerged from the two guest appearances on the radio program Fabbrica 2.4Voyage in a changing industry, hosted by Filippo Astone on the Radio 24 network.

The radio show is devoted to expert examples of innovation in Italian industry.

Every week the program deals with a company that illustrates the existence of manufacturing excellences that gives life to our country.

The following are just a handful of interesting excerpts from the interviews with Nicola Michelon and Professor Carlo Bagnoli, who teaches Strategic Innovation at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, which you can hear in full in the links below.

February 19th episode – The interconnected oven

Nicola Michelon, Unox Chief Executive Officer, talked about the importance of the interconnected oven. This is not just a sophisticated and top-notch product for the professional food service industry, but also an open door to a modern way of doing and understanding business.

The advantages of Unox’s interconnected oven

The interconnected oven offers two benefits to the customer:

  1. Predictive maintenance

An accurate real-time diagnosis in case of malfunction. If the appliance malfunctions, the technicians will know it immediately and can intervene quickly. But there is more. Twenty-four hour connection with the products makes predictive maintenance applicable: based on registered parameters, it is possible to plan far in advance the replacement of components or maintenance service by technicians to prevent future interruptions in the use of the oven.

  1. Optimizing the use of the oven

Thanks to the collected usage data, the oven suggests additional modes of operation that increase the return on investment for the customer who bought it. Each owner uses the oven in a different way, and the stored data allows Unox to communicate suggestions continually on how to optimize the use of the oven by improving its profitability.

Manuservice, a winning business model

The interconnected oven thus becomes the portal for a business model based on manuservice: namely the sale of a product together with abundant services that accompany its use and serve as an important value for the consumer.

It is this business model that has allowed Unox to interpret and understand the changing customer needs over time.

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March 25th Episode – Unox: between invention and innovation

Invention and Innovation

Unox’s growing success was born from the presence of these two guidelines: the invention of ever-advanced technological solutions capable of meeting customer demands, and manufacturing innovation capable of translating technological progress into economic return, involving production processes.

Inventive simplification: improving through simplification

Professor Carlo Bagnoli, who teaches Strategic Innovation at Ca Foscari University in Venice, identifies the two cores of Unox. The first core embodies “inventive simplification”.

It is the core linked to Unox’s patron, Enrico Franzolin, who founded it with the strong desire to propose a new product and to introduce it into a rapidly expanding market.

Inventive simplification means improving through simplification.

Create products that have excellent standards of construction and performance, raising their level of technology and keeping them easy to use.

Innovation: translating technological advances into profit

In addition to the aspect of invention behind the ideas of new products, there is innovation.

Innovation consists in knowing how to translate advances in technological invention into profit-making opportunities that increase company revenue.

Unox has set a record from this point of view: from 35 million in sales in 2007 it reached 100 in 2016 and aims to further increase its business volume by 2020.

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