UNOX partner with Ernst Knam in “Che Diavolo di Pasticceria”

che diavolo di pasticceria unox

If we had to define Ernst Knam, the pastry chef from the lucky TV series “Che Diavolo di Pasticceria“, aired on Real Time Italy in May 2015, we should divide him in three:

  1. Ernst Knam: the pastry chef, pure creativity;
  2. Ernst Knam: top-star chef. the spokesman of high quality;
  3. Ernst Knam: a skilled consultant, serious professionality. 

Creativity, high quality and professionality are three important facets that also distinguish Unox brand. That is why Ernst Knam, among his official partners, both in his professional activity and in TV, decided to include Unox cooking systems.


Il Re del Cioccolato – The king of chocolate

Ernst Knam was the main character in two other successful TV shows on Real Time Channel: Bake Off Italia and The King of Chocolate. But the real principals, in the spotlight, were the Unox cooking systems. This was satisfactfory for the firm, which could provide the Chef Ernst Knam its technology, contributing to the success of Real Time TV shows dedicated to the pastry world.

The whole “Che Diavolo di Pasticceria” season is available online on the official Dplay Channel: watch the episodes and discover when the Unox cooking systems appear.

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