About Unox



Challenge yourself every day. The first ingredient for success.
There is no room for error in professional food service. Unox knows it and provides ovens and services that are designed to meet the most ambitious quality and business challenges.
Over 25 years of research leading to cooking solutions that excel in all areas and guarantee the repeatability of the desired result for any load conditions.
Simple and elegant solutions to the complex problems of the professional food service. Intuitive and reliable technology, that have become the benchmark for all industry operators.
Present in 110 countries, number one producer for the number of professional ovens sold worldwide each year, Unox operates in the restaurant, patisserie and bakery sectors, and every day serves professionals throughout the world, that have made their choice.


Unox is at your side even for the most difficult challenges.
Making decisions is a big part of your work. Without making mistakes. Your job is to apply these decisions in the kitchen, first hand. Every day facing new challenges, always raising the bar of excellence. At your side, helping you to take on these challenges, there is Unox.
“Contributing to the quality, efficiency and simplification of our customers’ cooking processes”: this is the mission of Unox. With technology that is not an end in itself. It is an invention to serve simplification. Simplification that serves your business.


Inventive Simplification.
Excellence in just two words: improve and simplify. It is an excellence you recognize at a glance. Made up of the same ingredients that your clients insist on: uncompromised quality, innovative and bold choices, proved and measurable efficiency and reliability.
Investing in innovation means seeing every day challenges in a whole new light: from giving value to every single gesture to the simplification of the entire production process. For you, this means maximum performance, freedom, ease of use and savings. For Unox, Inventive Simplification.