UNOX Orienteering Night: University students meet successful managers

UNOX Orienteering Night

On June 16th UNOX will host the Orienteering Night at the historic Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua. During the evening university students will have the opportunity to meet successful business managers.

Three excellent entreprises from Padua, with a strong orientation towards innovation and internationalization, get together in order to break the rigid boundaries of traditional business and  to facilitate the encounter between education – University of Padua – and business – UNOX – in an informal context of Caffè Pedrocchi with aperitifs, appetizers and music.

This event is possible thanks to an idea brought up by UNOX, who isn’t new to initiatives dedicated to students, and by the University of Padua, particularly thanks to Fabrizio Dughiero, Deputy Master of Tech Transfer.

Five companies will participate at Orienteering Night at Caffè Pedrocchi:

  1. Auxiell – Lean Processes, consulting firm specialized in industrial production
  2. Carraro Group, company which designs and produces tractors and transmission systems for vehicles
  3. Sit Group, safety and performance of gas equipment
  4. Zoppas Industries, design and production of heating elements and systems
  5. F&deGroup, services for the hospitality industry

UNOX has full faith in this event and this is how Nicola Michelon, CEO at Unox Spa, describes it: “Orienteering Night was created to fill the gap between students and enterprise through casual and relaxed events – away from business and educational settings – where those who are building businesses of the future can confront with and help those who will be soon entering the professional world. Unox, along with University of Padua and Caffè Pedrocchi, has promoted this event because we believe it to be our responsibility to help young students to make the best decisions while at university, so they are equipped with the largest range of skills and experience once they begin their professional career.”

Unox believes in the future of young people and this future begins when the future employee is at university. Therefore, what is better for promoting this future than by partnering with University of Padua, one of the most renowned universities of the world? Nicola Michelon concludes by saying “I like to think about a future where young people acquire the foundations, theoretical and practical, during their academic years for their professional career both in the classroom and through work placements and partnered projects with businesses. A future where university and enterprise design together orienteering programs and partnered training courses.”

 A partnered orientation program, where knowledge isn’t only theoretical and earned in the classroom, but it is also practical expertise acquired directly in the company – this is exactly one of the new objectives of the University of Padua’s Job Placement and Internship Service; the university wants to introduce students to the job reality. Fabrizio Dughiero, Deputy Master for Tech Transfer at University of Padua, says “We immediately joined this initiative, organized and sponsored by Unox, because we see it as a friendlier and more effective way to bring students and companies together and introduce them to each other in a casual atmosphere where the “interview” isn’t conducted within the walls of an office but it becomes a chat among friends. Furthermore, it is once again a chance to show that the University of Padua welcomes partnerships with industrial companies and businesses in general and we are determined to communicate and cooperate with the aim to help the local economy grow.”

See you tomorrow at 6pm at Caffè Pedrocchi! The entry is €5 only with one drink included. For further details and updates, you can follow us on social networks and the event’s Facebook Page.